Essential Tips For You To Protect Your Facebook Account

Essential Tips For You To Protect Your Facebook Account

Facebook being one of the largest social networking platforms connects millions of users from all across the globe. It seems that the content we share on Facebook along with our profiles with information is not safe and requires measures to tighten security. With the number of cybercrime cases increasing throughout the internet, Social media has been the victim with several accounts being misused and hacked. Privacy is the utmost concern when it comes to security on Facebook and other social media sites. Here are a few tips that will help you learn more about how you can protect your Facebook account. Use HotOzCoupons for better services.

Few important tips for security and privacy measures-

  1. Modify the friend’s list to private – This is one of the most important things for you to know because anyone can take advantage of your friend list and stalk other people. Stalking is one of the most common items on social media, and it generally happens if either someone is curious about someone else or it can be purposeful with intent. If you are using a profile without privacy measures, then you must modify the setting selecting the private option. One has to make sure that only a limited audience or a set of their preferred friends have access to your information. It is tough to trust people generally, and it is impossible to do so on social media even though we receive random requests from strangers we do not know.
  1. Do not include personal information – One of the first things to consider is how much are you giving out to the public to access. Personal information has its risks and above that, if you are not keeping things private, then you are definitely on fragile ground.  More personal information that you include, the more chances there will be for people to have access to your information. Sometimes you can find fake profiles of you and your friends on Facebook, and that is because people have stolen the identity and duplicated your profile along with the information that you have in the open. If someone can get access to your details, it will automatically become easy for the person to access your bank account and it will no longer be safe for you.
  1. Maintain your profile – You must learn how to control the people who can see your posts and the information that you have provided about yourself on Facebook. Maintaining the pattern means that that you are keeping the data intact but restricted for people to access. Of course, your friends can have access to the information throughout your profile but are the things necessary for you. It is effortless to use Facebook and people learn more over time. If you are new and have just opened a Facebook account, then you must check and read each detail on the settings page.
  1. Make sure no third-party apps have access – the information on Facebook can be hazardous if people or even third-party applications access them because it invades your privacy. Third-party applications such as Spotify and Instagram through Facebook give them access to all your information. Your birthdays, personal information, friends, photos and videos can go out to the third-party application once you have logged into them using Facebook. Make sure that you are using your email-id while logging into the third-party apps. If you already have logged in through your Facebook account, then you must remove the information from these apps going to the settings options. This is one of the most important things, and we tend to do it often as it is convenient and just a click-work.
  1. Remove Activity data – The activity Log on Facebook keeps track of all your activities throughout the time that you are using. Your activity log says a lot about you from the posts, the pictures that you upload, the places that you have been to and the music that you listen. You must make sure that you have gotten the activity information removed to stay safe. Removing your activity data can be a great initiate even if you have set your privacy settings right.

The points mentioned above are some of the most common and basic ways to protect your Facebook account. These are essential for a beginner because it will teach you how to operate and what not to do on Facebook. Make use of the information and stay secure.