Call Perfection to Your Instagram Usage

Call Perfection to Your Instagram Usage

Be aware that this is not why you need to publish only photos from your mobile. It is quite possible to take your photos with a reflex, work on your computer and then send them to the phone to publish.

Over the years, Instagram has lost this side “Instant”. For example, sometimes I take a picture with my phone that we publish directly. Other times, we favour the solution we mentioned above. Some have become pros in the publication of photos totally reworked on computer, which is not a bad thing, far from it.

It is possible to mix both, a little mobile and a few more worked photos, although it is better to keep some harmonization of your account, both in the frequency of publication and in the type of your graphics. To hack Instagram account also there are options that you can follow.


You can also post videos to your Instagram account. Again, it can be raw or otherwise worked externally. To see also in this case if you do not prefer rather opt to publish in the Story (and thus in the vertical format).

Who to contact on Instagram and how to make themselves known?

Being on Instagram will give you the ability to easily target the community you want to reach by going to specific hashtags that match you. This is an opportunity to like some pictures that you find beautiful and to point out to you by these people, or even to follow them, and who knows; maybe you will follow them in return.

Do not hesitate to comment on some photos but avoid the comments of the style “thumbs up”; “Gorgeous” and that sort of mundane thing. It’s like robots and it’s often counter-productive for you.

You can consider reposting photos of other people, asking them of course permission beforehand and identifying them later on it (in the photo and in the post).

Depending on the editorial line of your account, there may be a solution to get an agreement from the person to share the photo. You may consider publishing in the description of your account “Sharing your photos with the #. The use of a defined hashtag is easy to use and subscribers will be happy to use it. Be aware that most of the time people will appreciate that you share their photo, however others will equate this to a theft of content.

In any case, Instagram will be an opportunity to bring a community back to your blog or site. In addition, you can share news from your site directly on your Instagram Story. Instagram has a lot of advantages from a marketing point of view. It has become one of the most used social networks. And after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Do not forget it.