What Makes You Spy on Your Kids? Do You Think It Is Needed?

What Makes You Spy on Your Kids? Do You Think It Is Needed?

There is an on-going debate between parents about spying on your kid’s smartphone and online activity. Many parents believe spying on their kid’s online activity is much needed in the digital era where they can succumb to lots of online threats. However, some parents think it is not right for them to cyber-snoop on their kids as it violates their digital privacy. 

Generally speaking, we slightly disagree with those parents here. When you snoop on your kid’s internet activity, you are not trying to violate their digital privacy in any sense. In fact, that’s not even the reason you are trying to monitor their online behavior. 

Parents who are concerned about their kid’s digital behavior and want to ensure they have a safe internet experience have all the right to spy on their online activity. On the one hand, you can sit down with your kids and tell them that you will be watching over their online activity or you can choose to hide it from them. If you feel your kids will become agitated on knowing you are snooping on them, you can consider using the hidden spy apps for Android or iPhone that are abundantly available in the market. 

Get to Know Your Kids Better 

We are not ruling out the option of having a discussion with your kids about the spy apps. In fact, there’s nothing better than taking your kids into confidence and informing them about the spy apps before installing them on their smartphones. 

Explain to them the reasons you are installing the spy app on their phone in the first place. Tell them why it’s important in this digital era. Tell them how these apps can help you know everything about their digital behavior and even prepare you to help them in case of an emergency. What’s more, parental monitoring apps and spy apps can prevent your kid from getting into risky online behavior. 

Your kid can come across several different things online, both good and bad. By spying on their online activity, you can learn about their digital behavior and see where they are going wrong. You can immediately find out whether your kid is in a bad spot and then plan how to guide your kid to safety. 

Most teens keep things from their parents because they think they are mature enough to handle everything on their own. However, they tend to forget that they are still kids and need their parent’s guidance from time to time. You can only show your kids the right path once you are aware of their activities, including online activities. 

Below, we have outlined a few important reasons you should spy on your kids, especially if you feel something is not right. 

For Your Kid’s Safety 

Every parent’s primary job is to ensure their kids are safe and sound. Bear in mind that this goes above your kid’s right to privacy. Just give a thought about a mother who has lost her teen boy to drugs or found out too late that her teen girl was sneaking around with someone who would eventually hurt her or discovered that her teen boy is addicted to watching porn on the internet. 

Do you think in these situations the mother would ever say that she might not have known what was going on in her kid’s life but at least she respected her kid’s privacy? Absolutely not. You just cannot let your kids on their own, no matter how independent or grown-ups they become. Kids are kids, and they will always need their parent’s wisdom, guidance, and experience. 

They may think that they can take good care of themselves, but in reality, they need a lot of help and guidance exploring the world, including the online world. 

Kids Are Immature 

No matter how intelligent and smart your kid is, he/she will be emotionally immature to some extent. It is unusual to assume that kids would ever think of the long-term effects of doing anything on the internet. They would never take into consideration the consequences of posting an inappropriate photo of themselves or sending a text message loaded with foul language. 

Parents who fail to keep a check on their kid’s social media posts and text messages are basically the ones who you are expecting too much of them. This is where we go wrong. We expect our kids to behave maturely and responsibly on the internet when in reality, they can’t. They just can’t maturely handle the freedom that they have been given. 

Honestly, we can’t even blame kids for this act. It is natural for them to behave like this. This is where parents should step in and teach their kids along the way. If you remain unaware of your kid’s online activity then you wouldn’t know what they need to learn. 

Kids Need the Truth 

Sometimes, you need to guide your kids about a certain thing and tell them the truth about it. Let’s quote an example here. Recently, we met with the mother of a teenager who had recently found out that her son was taking a keen interest in vaping. 

She wouldn’t have known about her son’s interests until she monitored his text messages and found out that he was having a group chat with his friends about vaping. Instead of letting her son look up for the information on vaping on his own, she decided to take the matter into her own hands and explained everything to him about vaping. 

She helped him explore the right information about it online and also made him aware of the risks involved with it. She played her role right by being the only one who could guide her son better and tell him the truth behind vaping. 

If you do not make your kids comfortable around you and don’t provide them a room for conversation, where will they go? Of course, they will turn to Google or their friends to find more information about something. It’s important to be there for your kids. Do not react to something instantly. Instead, try to handle situations calmly. Be approachable to your kids so they can come to you if they face any problem online. 

And, when you decide to hand over a smartphone to your kid, be sure to install a parental monitoring app on it and inform them about it. If you think they might not like the idea of having an iPhone or Android spy app on their phone, you can explain to them that the app is only meant to keep them safe and not to violate their privacy.