Everything gamers need to know about Castle Nathria:

Everything gamers need to know about Castle Nathria:

World of Warcraft is still going strong even nearly twenty years after its inception. The daily player base remains high and the company behind the stalwart reported a whopping $9 billion in revenue from World of Warcraft alone. Its loyal player base means that the company is still developing a ton of new content such as the Shadowlands expansion. Today, let us take a look at the first raid of the expansion, castle nathria, and how you can buy castle nathria boost


The backstory of Castle Nathria itself is quite interesting. It revolves around the realm of Revendreth and it’s inhabitants. You start by meeting the founder of Revendreth, Sire Denathrius. Although you begin by working for Denathrius and his cronies you later learn from a certain someone that the anima drought that has been plaguing the realm for years has been due to the actions of Denathrius himself.

Spotting castle nathria should not be too hard. It is themed akin to a vampire and gas a gargoyle perched on top. If you still have trouble locating Castle Nathria, simply look for a map or a guide online.


Boosting is a technique that is very common with online multiplayer games. It involves you giving your account to a friend or someone else. The friend will “boost” your account to a higher level or a higher rank. This is extremely useful if you are someone who is having trouble with a particular mission or if you don’t have enough time to play or if you simply aren’t good enough but desperately want higher level craft and gear. Normally, in first-person shooters, people give their accounts to their friends who boost them for free. However, in certain games, the stakes are quite high and the world of Warcraft is one of them.

In the Castle Nathria raid, you will be faced with ten bosses each with their skillets. There are three difficulties for clearing Castle Nathria, normal, heroic (hard), and gothic (hardest). If you want to buy  castle nathria boost it means that you will be paying a certain amount of money to someone else to do the job. The amount of money varies widely with the difficulty you select but remember, the higher the difficulty, the higher the reward! You can also pay per boss i.e. If you only want a raider to complete one boss for you, you can pay the raider to do just that! Normally these professional raiders will take one to two weeks to complete the full raid, it depends on the type of service you want.

If you desperately want somebody to boost you through the raid, there are many websites available to help. However, if you find a service with only a few reviews or mediocre reviews stay away. Choose only a popular service that has proven to be trustworthy and reliable.

The expansion pack arrives on the tenth of November so you still have plenty of time to decide. Good luck on your adventures!