What To Expect From Network Maintenance

Business owners know the importance of network security and why maintenance is a must. Whenever operating a business network, all connections must remain secure and risk-free. Network administrators understand the steps for completing network maintenance and perform the services as needed. The findings could prevent major catastrophes for the company.

Faster Internet Services

By performing routine network maintenance, the business gets faster internet services throughout their property. Depending on the size of the property, the business uses either a LAN or a WAN network, and the design must accommodate all workers and equipment connected to the company’s network and internet services. Maintenance helps the network administrator and the IT staff find issues that could slow down internet connections and prevent proper access to the network.

Improved Equipment and Upgrades

The findings of equipment assessments and standards determine if the company needs new network equipment or software upgrades. When reviewing updates for software, the network administrator reviews releases from the developer who created their operating system first. Next, they review other applications used for business purposes and ensures that the company’s license to use the software is still valid.

With equipment, several tests are conducted to determine if it is working properly or not. As businesses continue to use their network design, some equipment will succumb to wear and tear and require replacements. Maintenance and assessments help the administrators locate faulty equipment quickly.

New and Faster Options for Finding Security Risks

Testing and maintenance help the administrator locate and mitigate security risks, too. Deep testing finds vulnerabilities that are not found through standard virus scanning or traditional malware products. Penetration tests, for example, pinpoint these issues and show the administrator the exact location of issues. This gives the administrator insight into how to create better security schemes for all equipment and intellectual property.

Defining New Policies for Workers

As the network administrator completes assessments for the network, they define new policies for the workers to use the network and its internet connections. For example, if a website presents a security risk, the administrator can block it on all workstations.

Whenever the network log shows a worker connecting to risky websites, the administrator must alert the worker’s supervisor. The new policies may limit what websites and services the workers can use through the company network. Business owners can learn more about these opportunities by contacting a service provider such as Viavi Solutions now.

Opportunities to Create More Robust Security Schemes

After the network administrator has completed all maintenance steps, it is time to create new and more robust security schemes for the company network. The new schemes address all vulnerabilities discovered through maintenance and define new permissions for all workers.

Business owners must complete all network maintenance practices to prevent security breaches and identity theft. Maintenance is the best way to determine if the IT systems are compliant with all current standards and if they present a risk to the business. Network administrators make necessary changes to the network according to the findings of these evaluations.