The Making of the best Ad Videos for the best Deals

The Making of the best Ad Videos for the best Deals

Video is a modern promotional tool for your company’s services and products. By broadcasting your corporate video over the internet, you can attract new Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers and partners. You also federate the employees of the company around a rewarding project.

Why make a business video?

Free advertising and visibility on the internet

Your corporate video conveys the “image” of your business to users. Thanks to the Youtube or Dailymotion distribution platforms, but also to the professional social networks Linked in and Viadeo, you gain notoriety on the web. But the best is when you opt for the best, best advertisement maker.

Promote the employees of the company. By associating the employees of the company around this fun project, you ensure the promotion of the company in “internal”. You help to improve professional relationships between employees.

What hardware to shoot a corporate video?

Achieving a corporate video does not require a great technical knowledge. With the right equipment, you can turn your spot without outside help. It is also possible to use a provider for a more professional rendering.

Choosing the right equipment

You need two tools:

Digital camcorder: enough for a small movie. Choose between these three types DV (quality recording on tape with PC output), hard disk camcorder (quality / ease of use compromise), and SD (memory card, compressed recording). If you do not have equipment, you can rent a camcorder for the occasion. You can optionally equip yourself with a tripod to capture stable pictures.

Video editing software

Installed on your PC, it allows you to quickly process the video recorded in your camcorder.

Make a company video

A corporate video is getting ready: you can take inspiration from these tips and tricks before you start.

Write a scenario: content and form

You need to choose an “angle”, which is the theme of your video: products and services, innovation, your business premises, recruitment method, and the qualities of your staff. Too general videos are to be avoided.

Three questions to ask yourself:

  • Who is the company video aimed at?
  • What subjects / places to film?
  • Which people to involve? (staff, partners)

Length of the corporate video

It does not exceed 1 min 30 s. Short videos usually have more impact. To privilege if you wish to value a novelty in the company (product, service). This is called “teasing”, in the manner of short and rhythmic movie trailers.

Animation videos

Video animation is usually offered in a short format, with a succession of still or moving images. They may be accompanied by a voice-over or subtitling, sometimes both when the relay medium is suitable. This is particularly the case on Facebook, which offers subtitling when the sound is deactivated on a user’s smartphone.

These formats can help make a point of view known, explain a service or present a product. They are also used to illustrate certain situations when they require a more detached point of view, a note of humor or when the message conveyed cannot be filmed.