How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site by Removing Unnecessary Themes and Plugins?

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site by Removing Unnecessary Themes and Plugins?

Fast loading pages increase your page views, user experience and ultimately, it will boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

WordPress is a powerful platform with Millions of users and tons of developers who provide tons of free WordPress themes and plugins. One weakness of WordPress is it can be quite slow if you are maintaining it well.

Nobody likes a Slow Website

If you didn’t take any precautions, you could end up with a slow sluggish site. You’ve done everything you can to speed up your WordPress site and it is not working as you expect. What could be the problem after all? You have optimized images, removed unwanted iFrame codes, pages cached, files are minimized but nothing works.

Now it’s time to check your Themes and Plugins. You should remove unwanted Themes but what about Plugins? The number of plugins may be a factor or one or two plugins make your server overload.

Find Out Which Plugins are Slowing Down your Website

Is there a way to find out which plugins are slowing down your website? There was a plugin named P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) by GoDaddy that gives the solution for diagnosing slow plugins. However, this plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress so it’s not safe to use. Now you can try Query Monitor that you can use for the same purpose. Query Monitor is not easy to use as it requires a lot of works.

Deactivate All your Plugins then Activate

You can run a speed test using tools like Pingdom. If you think your site is slow, you should deactivate all plugins. You can try plugins like WP Reset to deactivate all plugins instantly. Now reinstall the plugins one by one and also check your website speed after installing the plugin. This way you can easily find the plugin which makes your website slow. Delete the slow Plugin. If the Plugin is really necessary for your site, please try to find an alternative plugin with the same function which not slow down your site.

We recommend you to delete unwanted Themes and Plugins regularly to maintain a healthy website. Hope this article helps you to speed up your WordPress site by removing unnecessary Themes and Plugins easily.