How is playing free Rummy on smartphone different than the traditional game?

Would you play rummy on your phone or with your friends and relatives in person? – that is one question which isn’t easy to answer. It depends on individual preference and many people like both versions. What makes playing free rummy online interesting is the fact that one can play as long and as often as one wants. Technology and app companies are always offering new products to the market – which makes it exciting for those who enjoy playing different card games. If you want to play free rummy online, here are some reasons why you should download rummy app to know the differennce from the traditional game.

How is mobile rummy different from the traditional game?

Long-lasting: It is a known fact and cannot be disputed that gatherings have to disperse sometime, so the mobile version of the game is better. Players have the facility to play if they want as people from different time zones are available. For many avid fans, the mobile app is the best thing that ever happened, and the chance of winning money is high too.

Acceptability: Rummy is such a part of the culture in India that people still look forward to playing with their friends and family.  Of course, when gatherings do not happen, the mobile version is always there and a great substitute. Whether a player has a lot of experience or none, websites have resources which make it easy to learn the nuances of different versions of the game and practice them.

Prize money: This is the best part of playing any card game – free points or money. As a player, when you sign up for the web or mobile version, you always get bonuses in the form of money, free points and other extras from sites like Rummy Passion. With stiff competition in the market, gaming sites want to keep their customers. They devise innovative and enticing programs to keep their customers and generate customer loyalty.  There have been several instances of players winning big cash prizes and this promotes an interest in staying on and trying to win.

Multiple games: When you play a traditional game of rummy, you end up playing just one version. Mobile apps offer players the opportunity to participate in different versions and bet on them.  With millions of games and participants, there is no dearth of players and games. It is up to a player to choose what he wants.

Excitement: Since websites use algorithms, the outcome of a game cannot be predicted in advance. This makes it more exciting as random number generators are used – no two card hands are identical. The player must participate and do his best.


All in all, whether it is a traditional game of free rummy or a mobile one, there is something for everyone. Players meet and make new friends online and can even invite family members to sign up. As an avid player, you have the choice of using a combination of both methods and maximize enjoyment.