Dell Vs HP Laptops

Dell Vs HP Laptops

Dell and HP are two towering giants of the computer industry. These brands can be found in all the top shops as the demand for their products remain high year after year. Indeed, they are the number two and number three brands in terms of global market share in 2018. The quality of their offerings and the loyalty of their customers indicate a strong future for both. As for the consumers, it can be tricky choosing between the two when hunting for a laptop. Below are some things to think about when comparing Dell vs HP laptops:

Dell Computers

Based in Round Rock, Texas, this tech company had a good run as the leader in desktop sales when laptops were still developing as a segment. Dell may have lost the top spot but its flagship products have been turning heads and getting universal applause. They are back in the game and that is great news for buyers. Make sure that you check out their product line-up before making a decision.

If you would like a budget laptop for school or small business use, then certainly has plenty of models that fit the bill. Look for the Inspiron line as this is geared towards home and home office use. They won’t be flashy by any means but they will get the job done at just a few hundred dollars.

If you have more cash to spare, then the XPS line should be on your radar. This is where their best designs can be found. You can have a unit that looks stunning while performing like a champ. The materials are of the finest quality as well so you can be sure that they will last for a long time.

As for the gamers, Dell provides two options: the G Series laptops and the Alienware laptops. The former spans the whole gamut from budget gamer to elite beast so you can have a unit that suits your needs and resources. Meanwhile, the Alienware brand is famous for pulling out all the stops when creating the ultimate portable gaming setups.


HP is based in Palo Alto, California. This company has been around since 1939 and has grown tremendously throughout the decades. Key mergers and acquisitions have led to a strong position in the tech industry. Clever designs and continuous innovations have resulted in excellent sales in the laptop segment.

The Spectre line offers excellent build while producing remarkable power and longer than average battery life. Some will accept pen input while others have a 360-degree hinge. You can find models with 4G LTE for on-the-go connectivity and 4K display for crisp videos.

The Envy line, on the other hand, was built for producing high performance in a beautiful package. They are very portable thanks to their thin and light designs. Despite their size, they are capable of impressive battery life. Some can also accept pen input for notes and drawings.

The Elite line is geared towards the business segment. These laptops have better security features than the usual mobile device. They come in two form factors: the 360-degree foldable and the folio with kickstand that also doubles as a tablet.

Lastly, the Zbook line are for the creatives and the technical professionals who need more power from their workstations. These have excellent displays, pen compatibility, high-end processors, and large memory capacity.