7 Hacks for Writing SEO Blog Articles Faster

7 Hacks for Writing SEO Blog Articles Faster

Writing a blog post is time-consuming. Writing one that ranks on Google for specific keywords takes even more time. Many people think they have to spend days or weeks on their content to make it rank high on Google’s search engine results page (SERP). But this isn’t the case. Once you know the best strategies, writing a high-quality article post can be done quickly and easily. This article will show how easy it is to create engaging content with these 7 hacks.

  1. Content calendar: Keeping track of what you’re writing and when can help with scheduling future blog posts and making sure that you get your blog posts done on time without skipping a beat in between publications.
  2. Content Outlines: Content outlines help you to map out your ideas for a blog post in advance so that you have a solid plan of action and know what points you want to make before you get started writing. You can then adjust your outline as needed when writing the article itself, based on your own experiences and insights.
  3. The bottom of the article: Most blog posts are too long for people to read in their entirety, so you need to have a good summary at the end or beginning of your article. This is where most bloggers put their keywords; even though you shouldn’t stuff keywords throughout your article, it’s good to have them somewhere because they help with search engine optimization (SEO).

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  1. Content re-use: There’s no better way to save time and effort than by writing blog posts that you can use multiple times, whether it’s the same post with a few changes or different variations of it for various niches or types of content.
  2. Bulk keywords: Keyword research is the key to writing blog posts that truly resonate with your audience and get shared frequently. If you can write a post about 20 keywords, so it ranks for all those words instead of just 1, then each individual article you publish will bring in more traffic than if you only focused on one keyword.
  3. Edit faster: Instead of tediously editing your work 1 sentence at a time, you can use Grammarly to automatically edit your work while you go and finish the rest of the article. The app will help you avoid using repetitive words, improve your spelling and grammar mistakes, fix awkward phrasing, and make sure that your content flows well. It even helps with linking out to other articles!
  4. First Draft: The first draft of your blog post is a crucial step because it’s going to be less focused and less polished than the final version. But you don’t want to skip this step or deal with trying to write your entire post in one sitting. Instead, you should send your article to the editor after finishing the first draft instead of polishing it up to perfection before sending it.
  5. Editors: editors like Grammarly, Medium, Microsoft word, etc., can help you get your work done more efficiently than trying to do it on your own. Take some time to find an editor that works best with your style of writing or hire a writer who can take the rough draft and turn it into something amazing throughout their tenure.

We hope these 7 SEO hacks give you the inspiration and confidence to write your next blog post. When it comes time for you to publish, be sure to make use of our free checklist, which will help ensure all of your bases are covered! If you are looking for more options, contact a SEO Company in Atlanta.