5 Best Android And iOS Lightning Fast Charging Cables You Must Know About

5 Best Android And iOS Lightning Fast Charging Cables You Must Know About

It hasn’t been long that technological advancement gave birth to lightning fast charging cables for the purpose of quick charging. So, if you’re willing to buy one, then you must read through the guide below – it is a compilation of different Android and iOS charging cables for quick charging and high-speed data transmission.

  1. Hi-Speed Micro USB 2.0 Charging/Sync Cable

This 3ft charging and sync cable is perfect for Android devices. Its faster charging and data transmission speed is due to the presence of copper wiring. It also contains Nylon Braided Protection that keeps the wire twist-free and makes it stronger and less brittle too. It is compatible with maximum major brands including the likes of;

  • HTC
  • Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, Note 4, and Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, S6, and S6
  • Xiaomi
  • Sony
  • LG Optimus G, G2, G3, and G4


  1. Reversible Micro USB Double Sided Charging/Sync Cable


This chew-resistant high-speed charging and Sync cable is compatible with all devices having Micro USB ports. Besides, it is reversible and boasts Nylon Braiding that gives this cable a long life by making it stronger. It is available in two lengths – 3 ft and 6 ft.

  • Connector A of this cable is the reversible micro USB
  • Connector B of this cable is the Type A 4-pin USB 1 / 2
  1. 2-in-1 Certified Lightning Or Micro USB To USB Cable For iPhone, iPad, And Android

It is a 2-in-1 charging cable since it is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices. It offers full compatibility with wall chargers and can be used for;

  • Tablets
  • Notebooks
  • Smartphones
  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • iPads
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Power banks
  • Headphones

It can be purchased at the best prices at PrimeCables. Some of its most stunning features include the following.

  • 30 AWG data wire
  • 24 AWG power wire
  • Aluminum foil shielding
  1. 2M Apple MFi Certified Nylon Braided Lightning Cable For iPhone And iPad

This 6ft charging cable is compatible with all modern lightning devices. Since the data wire and power wire are nylon shielded, this charging cable is practically unchewable, tangle-proof, and highly resistant to cold weather.

  1. Apple Certified 0.3m Nylon Braided Lightning Cable For iPhone, iPod, And iPad

The best features of this charging cable include the following.

  • It is tangle-free
  • It has a strong nylon braiding
  • It is unchewable; thence, pet resistant