4 Best Cybersecurity Practices to Pay Heed to in 2019

4 Best Cybersecurity Practices to Pay Heed to in 2019

Despite incessant evolution to fight against cybercrime, there is a common discussion among the experts that it is not about getting hacked, it is about when. Combating cybercrime is a consistent process, and if you think the once you have defeated it, you are done, that’s where you are wrong. So, as the time goes by, the cyberattack methods will evolve as well. This is why we have listed some of the best cybersecurity practices to steer clear from the risks of getting breached.

  1. Establish a plan for BYOD or Bring Your Own Device

As remote workers and employees work on their very own devices, you need to put certain security measures in place. People who are accountable for security must make sure that they are conducting a layered approach which integrates a multitude of elements like device authentication, data encryption and the power to wipe the data remotely if the device is stolen or lost.

  1. Protecting the endpoints

Apart from staying up to date with the evolution of BYOD, you should focus on new as well as core traditional endpoints as they are being prone to be opened up to new risks. A study claims that only one third of businesses have complete visibility into their IT department. And while 46 percent have partial visibility, 18 percent have none or no reporting capabilities at all. So, it is essential to protect the endpoints.

  1. Back up your data well in advance to save it from the ransomware

There has been in an increase in data and our reliability on that very data. However, there has been an equal increase in the complexity of the attacks on that data. Keeping the attack at bay is one aspect, another is to reevaluate the backup management. Also make sure that the backup is safe as well, as it is an easy target too. Many companies tend to overlook this very aspect. Backups usually never contribute to revenue generation. But, overlooking backup and documentation can cost the companies a fortune.

  1. Leading edge tech for cyber security

You cannot put a stop to these attacks, but you can surely fight them. Being curious and open is totally in your favor, but also be able to integrate the latest and best innovations to strive and thrive. This is not easy as you will need a distinct genuine innovation from deceptive marketing. But new solutions are on the horizon and get excited to learn about them.