Make Amazon a priority& not just another sales channel.

If you’re serious about boosting your sales on Amazon, then your business needs to prioritize it. That means you have a dedicated team that audits, optimizes, and manages your Amazon Store on a routine basis — if not, don’t expect to reach the sales numbers you want.

For many companies, it’s difficult to maintain an in-house team for Amazon management. While cost is a factor for some, it’s more than that. Your business needs to find the talent too, which can pose a challenge depending on your location.

That is why many businesses on Amazon, whether established or thriving brands, outsource the management of their Amazon account to an agency. Zonbase, for example, offers integrated Amazon services, including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Adopt inbound marketing strategies

A lot of e-commerce companies focus solely on Amazon when marketing their businesses. While it’s critical that you have Amazon SEO and PPC management strategies in place, it’s essential to research the potential benefits of adopting other inbound marketing strategies.

For example, a social media marketing campaign can help your business increase brand awareness, as well as Amazon sales. With social media, you interact with your target audience daily, which can build their brand interest, trust, and loyalty — plus notify them of your newest products.

If you have an Amazon Store, you can even feature links to your social media accounts, which contributes to your social media marketing plan. In this scenario, you’re adopting a multi-pronged approach to increasing your sales on Amazon.

Creating an Amazon sales funnel can help your business maximize this strategy.

Conduct routine product audits

With 50 percent of shoppers turning to Amazon for purchasing a product, it’s no surprise that more businesses are joining the platform. That’s why, if your company wants to stay ahead of the competition and increase sales on Amazon, you need to invest in routine product audits.

A few factors your product audit should focus on include:

  1. Targeted keywords
  2. Product title
  3. Product description
  4. Product images
  5. Product reviews
  6. Product ratings

In most cases, you’ll also want to assess similar product listings. With this proactive step, your business can develop a strategy for improving and optimizing your products, which can boost their ranking in search results — and that makes it easier for shoppers to find and purchase your goods.

Understand how Amazon’s algorithm works

As Amazon functions as a search engine — it delivers results to users based on their searches — it’s critical for your business to understand how Amazon’s algorithms work. Otherwise, it’s impossible to develop a successful strategy for increasing your sales.

Amazon features two algorithms:

Search: This algorithm determines your product’s rank in search results. Amazon’s search algorithm relies on several factors related to your product, including its reviews, targeted keywords, category, and price. Amazon also monitors vendor-related elements, like your shipping times and return rates.

Buy Box: This algorithm determines whether your product wins or loses its Buy Box — The Buy Box appears on the right-hand side of product listings and makes your business the default choice when a user clicks, “Add to Cart.” For this algorithm, Amazon considers a few different factors, including your prices, reviews, and shipping methods.

Due to the complexity of Amazon’s algorithms, as well as continuous updates, businesses often partner with an agency that specializes in Amazon marketing. When you partner with an established agency, like zonbaseAmzdfy, you receive an award-winning and hands-on team that understands Amazon.

With their expertise, your business gains a trusted partner. We’re also happy to explain how Amazon’s algorithms work, which helps your team understand our recommendations when optimizing and advertising your products.

Why IT Support Is Needed In Your Growing Business 

For Growing businesses or most, the primary goal is to improve services, and workflow management, for efficiency and better results to satisfy customers’ needs. Some aspects in play can contribute to such success, including the IT system. No matter what size the business, it will always have IT needs, and as the business grows, so does IT needs. It might be difficult for the In-house IT team to cover all the work for IT systems that covers a wide range of services from managing hardware, software, data security, and more. That is why it is advised to have Co-Managed IT support system to achieve the best IT support system for your growing business. Here are some reasons you need IT support today to give more information.

Saves money 

As mentioned earlier, IT support covers a wide range of tasks such as maintaining the systems, making sure hardware and software are both up and running, installing the best system software that can drive your business to success, and many more. If you hire a small team of IT experts to handle these tasks, it may cost the business much expensive payroll and still be inefficient since a small team can handle just much. If you are to Computer IT support company, you’ll only be paying for your services. Since most IT support companies already have their necessary infrastructure, there will be no more set-up costs. You can use their already existing, fully trained team to your advantage.

Keeps Business safe

Hackers and scammers often target growing businesses or small businesses through phishing emails, malware attacks, and other methods to breach and collect illegal data that may cause huge losses and damage to customers. Data protection is essential never to be a prey of cybercrime. Having IT support services can help with that. Installing the latest antivirus software and 24/7 monitoring on the software to ensure that all data are safe from harm.

Disaster management plan 

IT systems might be damaged in natural disasters like fire, hurricanes, pressing storms, earthquakes, and others. They may cause considerable losses to a business. With a disaster management plan, backups will be in place to ensure that recovery can be as quick as possible and cost-effective if an unfortunate event is to happen.


Growing businesses have growing needs. These needs require the best to have the greatest results possible. One of these needs is an IT support system. No matter how small or large a company, IT systems are integral to its functionality. The problem is that hiring a team of IT experts can be cost-ineffective to most growing companies. That is why IT support companies are there to provide. It needs in very reasonable price, which offers a wide range of assistance that can guide businesses to success. 

To know more about IT support system services, visit Cyber Command today and satisfy your IT needs.


AccessiBe – A Complete One-Stop Solution for Seamless Web Accessibility

The Internet is meant for everyone; however, have you ever wondered how users with physical disabilities navigate through websites? The ADA (American Disabilities Act) and WCAG 2.1 guidelines have made it mandatory for businesses and government companies to make their sites accessible for all users, even those with physical disabilities. If they fail to comply with the guidelines listed above, they are liable to legal fines and litigation.

AccessiBe is aninnovative accessibility overlay empowered with the latest AI technologies to make sure websites are compatible with screen readers to aid visually impaired users in accessing them without hassles. This effective solution can scan, understand and analyze the site’s structure, its element roles, forms, and others to make everything compliant with the WCAG 2.1 standards that are legally required for sites in most nations across the globe.

It was established at the beginning of 2018, and with its proprietary technological scans, it can modify the behavior of the website in real-time to make it accessible for people with physical disabilities and compliant with the WCAG 2.1 and ADA guidelines. The widgets of this innovative solution permit users with physical disabilities to personalize their independence based on their preferences and needs.

Spreading awareness and education

The benefits of this innovative solution do not end here. The Company has gone the extra mile to build two platforms for the remediation of accessibility issues and a learning hub for those people who wish to delve deeper into the complex world of web accessibility.

Boosting web accessibility to optimal levels

The remediation hub offers tools and the latest technology empowered by artificial intelligence to boost the accessibility of their sites to their optimal levels. The platform offers unique and extensive development tools for enhancing the web accessibility of their sites. These tools are simple and convenient for web developers, designers, and project managers to use.

The learning hub of the Company, on the other hand, focuses on knowledge, skills, and education. There are interactive learning aids to help one learn at their own pace from the comforts of any place. The makers of the hub havemade this platform enjoyable when it comes to learning about web accessibility and becoming a pro at it.

Learners are able to find helpful learning resources like videos, quizzes, lectures, tests, and much more to become educated and adept with the subject of web accessibility.

Both of these platforms have been extensively created for the benefit of Internet users, including those with physical disabilities. The target here is to offer them a seamless web experience every time they access a site.

Today, this unique accessibility overlay on the Internet offers complete solutions to businesses in all niches with tools and services to enable everyone to participate in making the web accessible and inclusive for everyone.

The founding team at AccessiBe has several years of experience under their belts. They have extensive domain expertise in manual accessibility and the creation of sites. This is why they have come together to create amazing technology in partnership with users that have motor impairments, vision impairments, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders.

What Are the Different Ways a Company Can Protect Their Software?

There are a number of different ways that a company can protect their software. Some of these methods include digital signatures and encryption. Companies can also use their own software to protect the code from being manipulated.

Digital signatures provide an added layer of security for the code. This is done by using public-private key cryptography, which uses two keys – one public and one private. The private key is used to encrypt the file, while the public key is used to decrypt it. Digital signatures can also be used in conjunction with encryption, where companies can use both methods to make sure that their software cannot be tampered with in any way.

What are the Different Ways a Company Can Protect their Software?

There are many ways a company can protect their software from being hacked.

The best software security practices include keeping your software up-to-date, using a firewall, and using encryption.

What Are the Safety Features that a Company Should Be Aware of When Purchasing Software?

A common question that comes up when a company is considering purchasing software is whether the program will have all the features they need to be safe, or if it has been tested by an independent third party.

Some software companies may have a good safety record, but this doesn’t mean that they are completely safe. The best way to find out is to ask the software company about their safety features and how they are tested. Physical security is also important with cyber security, so you need to keep security guards with latest guns and 20 gauge ammo to keep your company physically secure.

In addition, if a company isn’t sure about how safe their program is, it’s important for them to consider hiring an independent third party to test their program.

Best Practices for Securing Your Data

In today’s digital world, security is a must. With the advent of data breaches and identity theft, it is essential for companies to implement best practices for securing their data.

Here, we will discuss how to protect your company’s data from being exposed to malicious online threats. We will also discuss how you can secure your data by implementing a strong password policy and by using two-factor authentication. We will also cover the importance of encrypting your files and how you can use encryption software to keep your files safe from hackers.

How You Can Protect Your Company’s Data From Being Exposed To Malicious Online Threats

1) Implement a strong password policy that includes complex passwords with mixed case characters, numbers, symbols and uppercase letters

2) Use two-factor authentication

3) Encrypt your files

4) Use encryption software

5) Keep your computer clean of malware

How Do You Secure Your Hardware & Connecting Devices to Protect Against Hackers?

As the world is evolving, more and more devices are being connected to the internet. While this has its benefits, it also brings a lot of risks. There are new threats that hackers can exploit to gain access to your company’s hardware and data.

One of the best ways to protect your company’s hardware from hackers is by using a VPN service on your devices. A VPN service provides you with an encrypted tunnel through which all information will be sent and received securely. In this way, you can ensure that no one will be able to hack into your device or steal data from it.

Conclusion: How to Secure Your Software and Hardware Against Hackers

It is important to make sure that your hardware and software are secure against hackers. You can take preventative measures such as installing antivirus software, using strong passwords, and updating your operating system regularly.