Affordable, Plug-and-Play Switches for Small Business Networks

When it comes to small enterprises, these are times of unparalleled upheaval. Nowadays, shoppers have higher expectations than in the past. There has been a surge in online transactions. Even though this approach has more benefits, small firms must speed up their digital transformation to take advantage of it. Meanwhile, personnel will probably continue to spread among office and remote sites. A network solution is required to ensure that both in-office and remote employees have dependable and quick access to mission-critical business applications hosted in the cloud.

A collection of reasonably priced switches offering Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for your small company network, the Cisco CBS110 Series Unmanaged Switches are a component of the Cisco Business networking portfolio. These switches are ideal for small businesses with modest network needs and are available in desktop and rack-mount configurations. They are also meant to be energy efficient. In a self-configuring switch, they offer the reliable network connectivity your company needs and extra security features like Quality of Service (quality of service), loop detection, and cable diagnostics. The setup process only takes a few minutes. Small businesses may now use Cisco’s tried-and-true networking solutions with the help of the Business 110 Series switches.


Look no further than the Cisco Business 110 Series switches for a simple and effective small company network solution. What is on the table for you:


Cisco Business 110 Series switches are ready to go without the need for software installation or configuration. Automatically adjusting its speed and switching between half-duplex and full-duplex modes, each port on the switch can be considered fully autonomous. Additionally, Cisco CBS110 Series switches can easily accommodate all your network devices, which are standards-based solutions.

Flexible Deployment

Cisco Business 110 Series switches are available in 5-, 8-, 16-, and 24-port configurations, offering maximum flexibility for various use cases and deployment situations. They are specifically designed for compact office spaces. Small desktop and rack-mount versions of the Cisco Business 110 Series switches are also on the market. You can mount the desktop models to the wall for a more covert installation beneath a desk or in a conference room. Because they don’t have fans, all switches can be used in any office without disturbing coworkers.

Outstanding Efficiency

When running bandwidth-intensive cloud apps, video services, and other business applications, the performance you need to avoid slow and sluggish networks is provided by the Cisco Business 110 Series switches. Thanks to its support for Gigabit Ethernet speeds, you may transmit huge files in a matter of seconds, which opens an entirely new level of capacity and performance for your company network.


The Cisco Business 110 Series Unmanaged Switches allow you to create a business-class and high-performance network. For businesses with limited IT knowledge and assistance, these inexpensive plug-and-play switches are perfect for small groups, departments, and workgroups.