AccessiBe – A Complete One-Stop Solution for Seamless Web Accessibility

The Internet is meant for everyone; however, have you ever wondered how users with physical disabilities navigate through websites? The ADA (American Disabilities Act) and WCAG 2.1 guidelines have made it mandatory for businesses and government companies to make their sites accessible for all users, even those with physical disabilities. If they fail to comply with the guidelines listed above, they are liable to legal fines and litigation.

AccessiBe is aninnovative accessibility overlay empowered with the latest AI technologies to make sure websites are compatible with screen readers to aid visually impaired users in accessing them without hassles. This effective solution can scan, understand and analyze the site’s structure, its element roles, forms, and others to make everything compliant with the WCAG 2.1 standards that are legally required for sites in most nations across the globe.

It was established at the beginning of 2018, and with its proprietary technological scans, it can modify the behavior of the website in real-time to make it accessible for people with physical disabilities and compliant with the WCAG 2.1 and ADA guidelines. The widgets of this innovative solution permit users with physical disabilities to personalize their independence based on their preferences and needs.

Spreading awareness and education

The benefits of this innovative solution do not end here. The Company has gone the extra mile to build two platforms for the remediation of accessibility issues and a learning hub for those people who wish to delve deeper into the complex world of web accessibility.

Boosting web accessibility to optimal levels

The remediation hub offers tools and the latest technology empowered by artificial intelligence to boost the accessibility of their sites to their optimal levels. The platform offers unique and extensive development tools for enhancing the web accessibility of their sites. These tools are simple and convenient for web developers, designers, and project managers to use.

The learning hub of the Company, on the other hand, focuses on knowledge, skills, and education. There are interactive learning aids to help one learn at their own pace from the comforts of any place. The makers of the hub havemade this platform enjoyable when it comes to learning about web accessibility and becoming a pro at it.

Learners are able to find helpful learning resources like videos, quizzes, lectures, tests, and much more to become educated and adept with the subject of web accessibility.

Both of these platforms have been extensively created for the benefit of Internet users, including those with physical disabilities. The target here is to offer them a seamless web experience every time they access a site.

Today, this unique accessibility overlay on the Internet offers complete solutions to businesses in all niches with tools and services to enable everyone to participate in making the web accessible and inclusive for everyone.

The founding team at AccessiBe has several years of experience under their belts. They have extensive domain expertise in manual accessibility and the creation of sites. This is why they have come together to create amazing technology in partnership with users that have motor impairments, vision impairments, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders.