5 Ways Text Analysis Software Can Enrich Your Research

In any research, often the best way to obtain first-hand information is through text. To conduct research in an appropriate manner, though, questions must be designed which correspond to a large sample target audience. Since text is often perspective-based information,text analysis often adds up to a lot of responses and explanations. Analyzing theses answers manually could take weeks and months of time and resources. This is just one reason why employing text analysis software often makes your research much easier.

  • Decoding open-ended responses:

Not all answers to all questions can be obtained by multiple choice or a simple yes or no. Responses to some questions are very elaborative in nature and must therefore be open-ended. And, if you are engaging in extensive research, then your open-ended questions’ answers may cross over a hundred or even a thousand pages. Text analysis can assist you in decoding that text through machine classification or through some simple code.

  • Leveraging acquired data:

One can understand the use of investigating survey metadata if one has utilized profiling questionnaires to allocate consumers into specific targeted audiences. Text analysis can be very useful in breaking down the acquired metadata into a simpler format. This is also applicable when the researched data is large in number.

  • Disambiguation:

When you retrieve a large amount of text, you may find many words that are irrelevant to your research. You will end up wasting time to see which ones are important and which can be classified to be inadequate. Text analysis can be utilized to clear this ambiguity and determine what information is deemed useful for your research.

  • Brand recognition:

At times it becomes difficult to identify a brand name and a common English word. This is because some brands adopt names from the English language itself. Hence, it becomes difficult to distinguish one from another. Text analysis assists in recognizing the difference between them in an efficient and quick manner.

  • Long term perspective:

The current research can only provide you with the perceptions, thought processes, and feelings of the audience in the present. But to know or understand a company’s growth and development, it is important to understand the company’s position in people’s minds and how this has evolved over time as well. To enable this, Provalis Research provides text analysis software that allows a person to analyze historical perspectives as well.

So if you want to undertake research in a quick and efficient manner, text analysis software is the way to go.